Soil, Compost and Bark

At Woodend Nursery we stock and sell a range of compost and soil products.


Our compost comes in a range of volumes; 20 litre, 40 litre, 60 litre and 100 litre bags are available for purchase. We have a special offer on all the 20, 40 & 60 litre bag which offers a discount when you buy 3 bags or more. We also stock ericaceous compost and seeding compost.

Top Soil

The top soil we offer comes in 25 kilogram bags.

Soil Conditioner

Ideal for improving your garden soil.

Decorative Bark

The decorative bark bags we stock comes in 90 litre bags. 


We offer peat in 2 sizes: 100 litre bales and 200 litre bales.

Grow Bags

Our Grow Bags come in 3 tomato plant .

Spaghnum Moss

Spaghnum moss is suitable for a natural lining in your hanging baskets.