Bedding Plants

A wide range of spring/summer bedding grown in packs of various sizes on the nursery, from begonias to violas.

Pot Plants

A large selection of potted plants grown on site, suitable for use straight in your garden, containers or hanging baskets.

Shrubs and Conifers

A variety of deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees, suitable to compliment any garden.

Hanging Baskets

On the nursery not only do we sell new complete hanging basket, but we also offer a service to refill your own 
basket with the wide range of plants we have to offer.

We also supply businesses and local councils – for example we supplied the Great Sankey Parish Council troughs outside the Chapelhouse on Liverpool Road.


A collection of plants that will come up every year that provide a splash of colour to a garden throughout the year.


A range of plants that are suitable for placement in a rockery that re-flower each year.